Monday, June 1, 2015


This is a "reprint" from my mother's blog.

As part of our family gathering today, Flaviana taught several of us how to make my favourite Filipino dish, Pancit. 

A little research taught me that Pancit is really a generic term for noodles but this is the only version I have eaten.  Flaviana did say that she does make variations in the vegetables depending on what is on hand.

She started by sauteing garlic in oil and then adding onions. 

 After a while she added chicken and soy sauce and cooked it for a while. If she had been at home she would then have been chopping up the vegetables, but on this occasion they were conveniently all ready chopped and waiting in ziploc bags.  They included savoy cabbage, carrots and celery. Before adding them, she pulled out half of the meat.

After the vegetables were cooked, they were removed and she returned the chicken, any juices, and some hot water to the pan and threw in her rice noodles. She does not pre-soften these noodles, though some people do.

The noodles were stir fried along with more soy sauce and eventually everything was mixed together along with some shrimp and it was poured onto a platter, 

garnished with lemon and served.

Lovely mid afternoon snack!